Metallic Expansion JointJJL Hinged Corrugated Expansion Joint

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JJL Hinged Corrugated Expansion Joint

  • JJL Hinge corrugated compensator
  • JJL Hinge corrugated compensator
  • [Name]: JJL Hinge corrugated compensator
  • [PN]: 0.6-2.5Mpa
  • [Medium]: Air, water, seawater, oil, slurry, weak acid, alkali, etc
  • [Material]: SS316, 304, Q235 etc.
  • [Certification]: ISO9001:2008
  • [Specification]: JJL model

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     Hinge corrugated compensator also called expansion joint, slip joint, composed by bellows, tube, bracket, flange and catheter. 


    Hinge corrugated compensator also called expansion joint, slip joint, composed by bellows, tube, bracket, flange and catheter.
    Design temperature:-20~+400℃
    Installation notes:
    1.Check model, specification and pipe configuration before installation, must conform with design requirement.
    2.Sleeve direction and medium flow direction have the same direction, hinge compensator rotate surface should be consistence with displacement rotation surface.
    3.Compensator that need cold tighten, pre-deformation auxiliary components can be removed after pipeline installation finished.
    4.It is strictly prohibited to use bellow compensator deformation to adjust pipeline installation inaccuracy, so as not to affect the normal function of compensator, shorten service life and increase pipe, equipment and bearing component load.
    5.During installation, it is not allow welding slag splash to the wave shell surface, not allow wave shell surface damaged by other machine.
    6.After pipe installation, demounting the fastening component and yellow assisted positioning component that used for conveying in bellow compensator, adjust the limited device to the specified place, make the pipe have full compensation ability in different environment condition.
    7.All components of compensator should be in the condition of moving to ensure all components normal operation.


    1. Metal expansion joints are used in a wide variety of piping application to compensate for thermal expansion or contraction and to absorb equipment vibration or pipe motions.

    2. We manufacture single, two-ply and multiply testable bellows in different sizes using precision forming technology.

    3. The bellow is made of stainless steel, whcih have good performance for extreme pressure, temperature and corrosive conditions.

    4. Compensate axial movements.

    5. Optimized design for fatigue resistnce and endurance.

    6. Widely used to absorb termal expansion in pipe systems carring water, steam, oil and gases.

    7.Stainless bellows compensators or expansion joints are designed according to the client's specifications ad design conditions.



    DN Waves  Pressure rating Mpa 
    0.25  0.6  1.0  1.6  2.5
    Length (mm)Angular compensation (mm) stiffness N.m
    150  600/±6.1/12  600/±5.0/23  600/±4.3/36  600/±3.47/76  600/±3.0/87 
    200  600/±8.9/23  600/±6.4/50  650/±5.1/115  650/±4.3/115  700/±3.5/278 
    250  600/±6.8/36  600/±4.9/79  650/±3.6/200  650/±3.3/320  700/±3.8/489 
    300  650/±7.2/36  650/±4.9/109  650/±4.0/278  750/±3.5/488  750/±3.2/594 
    350  650/±7.0/49  650/±3.9/109  700/±3.3/314  750/±2.8/765  800/±2.7/832 
    400  650/±5.5/78  660/±4.2/123  700/±3.5/502  750/±2.6/987  850/±3.0/1186 
    450  750/±5.0/98  750/±3.4/293  750/±2.9/754  850/±2.9/1675  1000/±2.2/1312 
    500  750/±5.1/121  750/±3.3/469  750/±2.2/987  850/±1.9/1532  1000/±2.3/2145 
    600  850/±6.1/187  850/±4.4/399  900/±3.2/1869  1000/±2.9/1150  1100/±2.0/2254 
    700  850/±5.9/185  850/±4.2/577  950/±3.8/768  1100/±3.0/1507 
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    5. What's the medium working with?

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