OtherQ61F-16P stainless steel three-piece welding ball valve

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Q61F-16P stainless steel three-piece welding ball valve

  • three way welding ball valve
  • three way welding ball valve
  • three way welding ball valve
  • three way welding ball valve
  • three way welding ball valve
  • three way welding ball valve
  • [Name]: Q61F-16P stainless steel three way welding ball valve 
  • [PN]: 1.0mpa~10mpa
  • [Medium]: water, oil, chemical, power generation, pulp and paper, atomic energy, aviation, rocket and other departments.
  • [Material]: SS304, SS316, Q235, Carbon steel, brass etc.
  • [Certification]: ISO, CE.

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     Three way welding ball valve means the closure part is sphere the spheres rotate around the valve center line for to achieve open and close. Ball valve is mainly used for cutting off, distribution and change media flow direction in pipeline. Ball valve is a new type widely used.

    Three way welding ball valve and flange gate valve are the same type, and those kinds of valves should be installed horizontally.

     1. small resistance, ball valve is the smallest resistance among the valves. Even reducing valve, the resistance is pretty small.

    2. thrust bearings reduce friction torque of valve stem, which can make stem operate flexible and stable
    3. valve seat has good performance of sealing, using PTFE etc elastic material, its stucture is easy to seal and the ball valve seal stength will increase as the pressure increase.
    4. valve stem sealing is good.  its filler is not easy to damage.
    5. Because PTFE material has good self-lubricating, ball friction loss is less and the ball has long life.
    6. bottom - mounted valve stem and stem top Convex part prevent stem out. For example, if there is fire, making the stem sealing broken, top Convex part and vale body can form metal contact to ensure the stem sealing very well. 
    7. Antistatic features: setting spring among sphere, stem and body, static electricity produced by the switching process can be exported.
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