Company newsAnalysis on the Current Situation of Domestic Waterproof Casing Development in 2018

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Analysis on the Current Situation of Domestic Waterproof Casing Development in 2018

Date:2018-08-02 / View:103

Under the negative influence of the economic crisis, the development of domestic waterproof casing industry lags behind seriously, and the downstream industry is affected even more, resulting in a great decrease in the demand for waterproof casing products. This is undoubtedly a great challenge for the development of waterproof casing. In addition to having a clear mind, we must recognize the situation and seize the opportunity to face such a severe challenge. We must also pay attention to the development of downstream industries at all times. We need not only make relevant countermeasure, but also avoid the situation of overcapacity. In order to treat the problems existing in the waterproof casing industry, there are five problems that the waterproof casing industry are facing at present:

A.  There are numerous small manufacturers, but extremely lacks of the first-class brand waterproof casing factory.

B.  The market system is not perfect, there is low-price competition.

C.  Product cost and raw material rise, product profit reduces.

D.  The foreign waterproof casing invades our country market, our country waterproofing casing faces double crisis. 

E.  The situation of overcapacity is increasing, industrial concentration is low, resource utilization is not high, and so on.

To get out of the status, guarantee the quality of products and the reputation of businesses is a suitable method. To solve the problem of overproduction, we should strictly control the total production of products. Implement order production mode: The price of products should lower than the cost of manufacturing, and the price of refractory products should relatively stable. In addition, special attention should be paid to prevent unfair competition, such as competition to reduce prices, so as to create a good market order for durable materials. At present, great progress has been made in the innovation of scientific and technological innovation products in our country. Now, almost all kinds of waterproof casing exist in our country. The same kind of products are comparable to each other in the world.

However, the penetration rate is not high, only a few large enterprises have the capital technology in place. From the point of view of technical research, among so many waterproof casing enterprises, only 10 of them have been in business for more than 10 years, and more than 65% of them began to set foot in the waterproof casing industry from 2005 to 2006. In the past eight years, most of the enterprises engaged in waterproof casing industry have strong technological development and innovation ability, but only a few of the 75% of the above enterprises have certain technological development and innovation ability. Most of the company's technical leaders and managers are from the relevant enterprises. 

The business model derived from this lacks of R & D capability. Most enterprises stay in imitation of domestic and foreign technology and products and lack of the basic theory of technology, the principle of construction measures and the mechanism of system formation. The so-called "system" simply can not bear the market pressure, once the market appears low price competition, they can only simplify the product structure, at the cost of product performance and quality, and make the engineering quality not available. The emergence of these problems, some people attributed to the industry market entry barriers are low and many do not have the conditions of corporate competition. From the above analysis, if we want to be in the waterproof casing line Stand firm in the industry, only have the strategic vision and the technical fund support, trains the technical talented person can push the company go further and further. Speed up the innovation of technology, guarantee the  performance and quality of products,  so that can we stand a favorable position in the market competition.

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