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DUCKBILL VALVES, HOW THEY WORK!Duckbill valves are unique, one-piece, elastomeric components that act as backflow prevention devices or one-way valves or chec...

MORE INFO → 261 2016-06-27

How duckbill check valve work

Check valves, also known as non-return or one-way valves, are designed to allow fluid to flow one way in a pipeline. They’re constructed of a clapper whi...

MORE INFO → 262 2016-06-23

Problems Solved by Rubber Joint

Rubber expansion joint is a new type of pipeline connection compensation parts. With the market demand continuing expand, flexible rubber joint industry began...

MORE INFO → 251 2016-06-23

Flanged Duck Bill Check Valve

Our large range of flanged duckbill check valves are made to order and are available from 50mm to 2400mm in all flange patterns. Typical applications include se...

MORE INFO → 463 2016-06-22

Advantage of mechanical coupling

The mechanical coupling is a new type of line connection device, which can replace the flange and the compensator providing connections for pipes and tubes, pip...

MORE INFO → 151 2016-06-16

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