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Reduced Rubber Joint

Date:2018-08-29 / View:419

The main feature of the reduced rubber joint is that it can solve the problem of different caliber in the connection of metal pipe, at the same time, it has the function of reducing vibration and noise, which can save the installation parts of pipeline and save the cost.
Reduced rubber jointconsists of inner rubber layer, nylon cord fabric reinforced, outer rubber layer compound rubber ball and loose sleeve metal flange. With high pressure, good elasticity, large displacement, balance pipe deviation, vibration absorption, noise reduction effect, easy installation and other characteristics, can be widely used in water and drainage, circulating water, HVAC, fire, paper, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, Piping systems for ships, pumps, compressors, fans, etc. Common type for transportation -15 ℃ / 120 ℃ air, compressed air, water, seawater, oil, acid, alkali, etc. Special type used to transport-30 ℃ above 250 ℃ medium or oil, concentrated acid alkali, solid materials.

Reduced rubber joints are divided into concentric diameters and eccentric diameters. As the name implies, the diameters of the two ends are not the same, and they are also the size heads that we often call. Its function is that the caliber is different when connecting with the pipeline, other advantages and characteristics are the same as the common rubber soft joints, and different media are also different for rubber materials, so when we consult the variable diameter rubber joints, We need to ask about the medium of transportation, adopt the suitable rubber material, we also need to inquire about the pressure of the pipeline, and we also need to check the diameter of the pipe.

Reduced rubber joints are also very popular in the industrial sector. They can give full play to their own advantages for pipelines with different diameters and complicated characteristics. As the rubber joints are standard fittings, the warehouse has a large number of stocks. We will contact us whenever we meet the relevant technical knowledge.