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Research and Development of PTFE Lining Rubber Joint

Date:2015-11-21 / View:0

 Development of rubber joint has decades of history, and as the environment changes, requirements for rubber expansion joints are also getting higher and higher. In order to meet the upgrading needs, a variety material of rubber joints have been developed, one of the most outstanding rubber joints is the PTFE lining rubber joints.

PTFE lining rubber joint not only meets the service length but also added a vinyl caoting on the PTFE which makes PTFE effectively attached to the pipe wall, to prevent dissociation caused by meduim corrosion and pipelines stretch and shrink. PTFE lining rubber joint manufactured by Gongyi Xinli Pipeline Equipment Company features vibration reduction, high flexibility, corrosion resistance, acid alkali and high temperature resistance, and friction resistance, compensate for pipeline misalignment and displacement, size changes and vibration parts connection, also suitable for feeding and discharging pipes installation of storage tank, chemical, corrosion and sulfide tanks. PTFE also has excellent chemical stability and corrosion resistance, is one of the best corrosion resistant materials in the world, has strong resistance to all chemicals even boiling aqua regia, except molten metal sodium and fluorine liquid. So PTFE lining rubber joint is widely used in various acid  alkali and organic solvent piping. Taking the advantages of PTFE high sealing, non-stick lubrication, electrical insulation, excellent temperature resistance (long service life in +250℃ to -180℃) and good aging resistance, PTFE lining rubber joints are widely in pipe connections of a variety of media.
PTFE lining rubber joint manufactured by Gongyi Xinli Pipeline Equipment meets the various needs with outstanding function in all aspects.