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Check Valve Duckbill Rubber Check Valve Supplier

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 rubber slowly-closing cut-off valve is a new water supply and drainage valve with full rubber structure, duck-mouthed appearance and functions of positive flow-in and reserve cut-off. According to thrust analysis and calculation as well as different operation conditions, it is manufactured with different design mechanism and different rubber products by special processing, At positive operation the water flow inform entrance and the valve will be open at weak hydraulic pressure. the hydraulic pressure is higher .the valve gate will open more greatly and the water flow is greater ,At reserve operation, the valve gate closes naturally and seals tightly cut-off valve, the back pressure is higher, the valve gate closes more tightly and the seal effect is better. It is used widely in various drainage exits to prevent from pouring backwards and flowing backwards in city planning, water conservancy and sewage disposal etc, it is the ideal product to replace flap valve.

Characteristics of  slowly closing check valve
 The advantages is specially marked in comparison with traditional flap valve :
a) Open and close automatically in security and reliability according to hydraulic difference without noise and in no need of operator and maintenance.
b) Positive start has little water resistance and start-up pressure and the flow can be adjusted naturally according to hydraulic pressure.
c) Reserve cut-off has good seal without leakage to prevent from flowing backwards. the back pressure is higher and the effect is barrier.
d) Anticorrosion, aging resistance, deformation resistance, strong adaptability and long use life


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