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KFM Rubber Connector

Date:2015-11-26 / View:426

Among rubber expansion joints, high temperature resistant rubber joint is one of the special type, acid and alkali resistant rubber joints also belong to the special rubber joints, when these two features together, will it be the most special rubber joint? Here we will introduce the characteristics of KFM rubber joint below. Compared with common rubber joints, KFM rubber connector has two major advantages, the first is resistant to high temperatures, and the second is corrosion-resistant.

In resistance high temperature aspects, natural rubber joint can reached 80 ℃ of temperature, General are used to transport General water, so on temperature of requirements also not is high, and ternary b c rubber joint can reached 110 ℃ of high temperature, but EPDM rubber expansion joint is generally used for sea water, and KFM joint of resistance high temperature performance is good, not only save with rubber joint of itself characteristics, and can be normally used in 180 ℃ of high temperature . Of course, the high temperature properties of silicone rubber is also very good, can reach 200 degrees, but because of the difficult material of vulcanization process, so when using rubber, silicone rubber is generally just to catch up, so the name is also called a heat-resistant KFM rubber joint connector.

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