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About Xinli Pipeline Equipment Co.,Ltd

Date:2016-02-01 / View:357

Pipe Expansion Joints Manufacturer since 1997

LEEBOO - China Famous Brand
Gongyi Xinli Pipeline Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer in the field of pipeline equipment for nealry 18 years and has 15 years sales experience.
Main products: rubber expansion joint, rubber duckbill check valve,dismantling joint, metal hose,metal bellows expansion joint,wall sleeves,valves,etc.
Our Services
1.Quality:ISO9001:2008 quality certified, quality and pressure test in workshop and by third party.
2.Equipment: 20+ molding machines, updated numeric control equipment for machining.
3.Staff: manfacturer of rubber joint since 1997,with well-trained and rich-experienced local workers.
4.Fast delivery:Lots of stocks for urgent order 5-15 days after payment
5.Price: competitive factory price let clients benefit more from us.
6.Low MOQs / OEM orders acceptable.
Customer Visit
Our products have been exported to about 20 countries,such as Germany,Sweden,Russia, Italy,Portugal,Armenia,Dubai,Kuwait,Saudi Arabia,Egypt,South Africa,India,Singapore,Thailand,Vietnam,the Philippines,Australia,Argentina and USA.