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High mounting ball valve from Xinli Co.,Ltd

Date:2016-04-27 / View:494

 High mounting ball valve working priciple depends on valve rotation, which makes valve open or close. Ball valve switch is light, samll volum, good sealing, simple structure, easy maintenance , also can make large diamter valve. And the it's not easy to erose when the sealing suface and spherical are in close state.

High mounting ball valve generally uses rubber, nylon and PTFE as the sealing material, so its temperature depends on the sealing. Ball valve closing function worked through compressed between plastic seats under the effect of the media, valve seat is deformed under the pressure. The deformation can compensate the manufacturing presison of the sphere and the roughness of the surface to ensure good sealing performance.
Since the valve seat sealing ring is made of plastic, the fire resistance should be taken into consideration especially in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical and other departments, especially in flammable and explosive medium equipment and pipe fittings, should be paid more attension.
High mounting ball valve has good sealing performance, so it applies to slurry, abrasion, reduced chanel, rapid opening and closing movement, high pressure closure, low noise, the phenomenon of cavitation and gasification, small leakage to the atmosphere, small torque, small fluid resistance of the piping system.
In the low-temperature (cryogenic) equipment and piping system valve can also be used. In oxygen pipeline system of the metallurgical industry, need use the ball valve with strict treatment.
When regulating performance needed, special structure valve with V shaped opening should be used.
In the petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, electric power and urban construction, where the working temperature is over 200 ℃ in the pipeline system metal to metal sealing ball valve can be used.