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Britain Votes to Leave EU, Cameron to Resign

Date:2016-06-25 / View:270

Britain’s decision to leave the European Union prompted Prime Minister David Cameron to resign and markets to fall around the world.
Final results in Thursday’s historic referendum gave the “Leave” campaign 52 percent, while “Remain” took 48 percent. Voter turnout was reported high across Britain, even with heavy rain falling in many areas.
The outcome shocked many within Britain and across the world since recent opinion polls showed a growing lead for “Remain.”UK Independent Party Leader Nigel Farage was the most vocal voice in the anti-EU movement. He said the “Leave” win was “our independence day.” He called the results “a victory for real people, a victory for ordinary people, a victory for decent people.”
The close vote showed how deeply divided Britons are on issues of immigration and sovereignty that became the focus of the “Leave” campaign.
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