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Rubber Drain Check Valve

Date:2018-08-23 / View:81

Rubber drain check valve is also called rubber duckbill valve, rubber check valve, rubber flexible check valve, rubber slow closing reverse valve. The rubber slow stop check valve is a full rubber structure with a ‘duck shaped mouth’ shape, and it is a new type of water supply and drainage valve products with the function of  ‘forward inflow, reverse check’. According to the force analysis and calculation, and in terms of different working conditions, adopting different design mechanism, choosing different rubber formula, and manufacturing according to special technology. When working in a positive direction, water flows through the inlet, and a tiny pressure opens the valve. The larger the water pressure, the greater the opening of the valve, the larger the water flow, the tighter the opening and the sealing. The effect is good. It is widely used in municipal, water conservancy, sewage treatment and other outlet outlets to prevent reverse irrigation, backflow, which  is an ideal product to replace the door.

Characteristics of Rubber discharge check Valve

Compared with the traditional door, the advantages are particularly obvious:

1. Open and close automatically according to water pressure difference, safe and reliable, no noise, no personnel operation, no maintenance.

2. The forward opening water resistance is small, the starting pressure is small, and the flow rate is naturally adjusted according to the water pressure.

3. Reverse seal, no leakage, no backflow, the greater the back pressure, the better the effect.

4. Anti-corrosion, aging resistance, no deformation, strong adaptability, long service lifetime.

5. Wide in size, nominal diameter is DN50 to DN3000.

Application range of rubber drain check valve

1. The product has excellent performance and wide selection.

2. Selected for sewerage system

3. Selected for emission system

4. Selected for dam discharge

5. Selected for Airport, Expressway drainage

6. Selected for drain sewage

7. Selected for sewage tank discharge

8. The smell is separated.

Installation structure form of rubber drain check valve

1. Socket rubber drain check valve installed at outlet of drain pipe

2. Flanged rubber drain check valve installed at outlet end of drain pipe flange

3. Plate rubber drain check valve on installed on the end of the outlet structure

4. Built-in rubber drain check valve installed at the outlet end of urban Rain Water sewage and system

5. Rubber drain check valves with mortar or cement pipes installed at the end of mortar or cement pipes