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Rubber Duckbill Valve

Date:2018-08-24 / View:190

Characteristic of rubber duckbill valve

1.100% full rubber structure can meet various requirements of anticorrosion (according to actual requirements, different rubber materials can be selected).

2.No blockage, good sealing.

3.Long service lifetime, no trouble, no maintenance.

4.No moving parts and mechanical parts, no electrical signals and manual operation, no noise.
5.The opening pressure is small, and can be opened by water head greater than 0.01 meters.

6.Under general conditions, head loss can be reduced to a minimum.

7.Kinds of installation forms to meet the needs of customers.

8.Easy installation, low cost and low operating cost.

Installation of rubber duckbill valve

Straight-through lift check valves should be installed on horizontal lines, vertical lift check valves and bottom valves are generally installed on vertical lines, and the medium flows from bottom to top.

Swing check valves are not limited in location and are usually installed in horizontal lines, but can also be installed on vertical or tilting lines.

When installing the check valve, special attention should be paid to the direction of the medium flow. The normal flow direction of the medium should be consistent with the arrow direction indicated on the valve body, otherwise the normal flow of the medium will be cut off. The bottom valve should be installed at the bottom of the pump suction line.

When the check valve is closed, the water hammer pressure will be produced in the pipeline, which will cause damage to the valve, pipeline or equipment, especially for the large opening line or high pressure line, so it should attract the high attention of the check valve selector.


Duckbill valve low cost (If suitable rubber material is used, the service lifetime exceeds the metal check valve), easy installation, flexible installation, can be repaired.

(1) Maintaining high jet velocity.

(2)Preventing seawater and sediment intrusion

(3) It is propitious to flush the discharge pipe.

(4) Higher dilution can be obtained under certain conditions.

(5) No corrosion.


The rubber body is not suitable for long field outdoor operations, and even high quality rubber can not avoid aging.

(1) Increase the project cost.

(2) Increase the loss of diffuser head.