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The Rotary Spherical Compensator

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 The rotary spherical compensator mainly depends on the angular displacement of the sphere to absorb or compensate the transverse displacement in one or more directions of the pipe. The compensator should be used in pairs, but it can be used as the universal joint of the pipeline.

Step / method:

1. the rotary joint should avoid bumping and falling during handling and storage so as not to damage the joints and internal parts.

2. Install the machine as concentrically as possible to ensure the good operation of the rotary joint.

3. When the screw connection rotary joint is installed, attention should be paid to the internal and external pipe threads corresponding to the rotation direction of the drum or not, and the internal and external pipe thread rotation direction should be the same.

4. rotary joint The connection to the pipe must be connected with a hose (our company recommends the use of a metal hose of good quality) and rigid connections are absolutely prohibited.

5. The inlet and outlet of the rotary joint are directly connected to the hose as far as possible. In order to reduce joint auxiliary weight, extend service life.

6. internal pipe assembly, pay attention to the size of the matching and weight of the auxiliary support. The fit of the inner tube and the joint of the internal rotary joint recommends the use of the H8/e7 tolerance fit.



1. in the thermal pipeline, compensation for thermal expansion, its compensation capacity is 5 to 10 times the compensator.

2. for metallurgical equipment (e.g. blast furnace, converter, electric furnace, heating furnace) In the vaporization cooling system, it is used as a universal joint.

3. It is used in all kinds of pipes in buildings to prevent the pipeline from being damaged by uneven subsidence of foundation or vibration.






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