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Introduction of Rectangular Compensator

Date:2018-08-24 / View:277

 The compensator adopts rectangular section, circular waveform, and a single expansion joint in the pipeline is subjected to two-dimensional displacement. The elbow nozzles composed of two expansion joints can withstand three-dimensional displacement. Rectangular fillet metal corrugated expansion joint has full height, half high type, the user can choose multi-wave joint according to the size of flue, stress and strain require.




1. After the user selects the appropriate compensator according to the heat displacement of the pipe system, he must at least provide the flowing medium in the pipe, the design pressure of the flue duct, the maximum temperature during operation, and the shape and size of the cross section of the flue duct. The selected waveforms (full height 216mm, semi-high 108mm) and wavenumber (single ripple number not exceeding 6 waves) are used for the structural design and fabrication of the compensator.

2. Maximum allowable expansion per wave: full high△α=±24mm, semi-high △α=±12mm.

3.  Ash retaining plate: Ducts or ducts with less dust may not be used, and ash boards should be used for dusty flues.

4. In order to reduce the number of corrugated tubes, 50 cold drawing should be considered.

5. The compensator is suitable for cases where the cross section area is less than 4. 6 square meters and one side is less than 1.5 m but larger than 0.6mm. The standard all-high corrugated compensator for all smoke ducts.



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