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Importance of sealing ring for waterproof sleeve

Date:2018-08-20 / View:206

 The sealing ring in the waterproof sleeve is a rubber strip installed in order to prevent leakage of the medium passing through the waterproof sleeve during its use, as well as external air or impurities entering the pipe, polluting the medium inside the pipe, etc. The sealing ring can greatly increase the sealing ability and tightness of the waterproof sleeve, improve the effect of the pipe, increase the service lifetime and life cycle of the waterproof sleeve, and save the cost. So the sealing ring in the waterproof sleeve is an indispensable accessory.

The waterproof sleeve seal ring removes the moving ring seal ring, which greatly reduces the vibration of the moving ring caused by the vibration of the pump body or the transmission of the moving ring sealing ring caused by the axial shock. 
The waterproof sleeve seal ring eliminates the influence of the moving ring seal ring in the ordinary spring seal, and the suitable medium and temperature are greatly expanded. The material of the ordinary mechanical seal ring sealing ring is mostly made of polytetrafluoroethylene rubber and other organic compounds. These organic compounds react with the whole body of the medium in some media, and it changes its physical properties and harms the seal at low and high temperatures. However, the bellows seal can not be restricted by the above factors, usually applicable to benzene, ketone, olefins, alkanes and general oil, acids, alkali salts and many other media, temperature range from -250-400, of course, this also requires strict selection of material welding and thermal repair of waterproof sleeve. Therefore, we need to heck the waterproof casing rubber sealing ring before use, to avoid splitting, cracking, dislocation, mismatch, flange and other phenomena. The surfaces in contact with the rubber rings should be clean, and the rubber rings placed on the pipe through the wall should be straight and without distortion,The necessary pipe supports and piers should be arranged near the wall of the structure (building) to ensure the uniformity of the annular clearance during the installation of the pipe through the wall, sleeve flange and flange cover axis concentric and sealing performance and service lifetime of rubber sealing ring. Bolt fasteners should be set on the side of easy manual operation, and bolts should be symmetrical and low fastening.


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