Product knowledgeThe difference between Single Sphere Rubber Joint and double Sphere Rubber Joint

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The difference between Single Sphere Rubber Joint and double Sphere Rubber Joint

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Characteristics of single sphere rubber joint:

1.Small size, light weight, good elasticity, easy installation and maintenance.

2. Horizontal, axial and angular displacements can be produced during installation, free from pipe are in the different axis.

3. The structure can reduce the transmission noise while working, and the vibration absorption ability is strong.

The properties of double sphere rubber joint:

1. Double sphere rubber joints are strictly forbidden to be installed when the movement is exceeding the displacement limit.

2. Install bolts to symmetry, step by step compression and torsion to prevent partial leakage.

3. For working pressure above 1.6MPa, install bolts with elastic pad to prevent bolt loosening.

4. Vertical installation of the joint pipe should have vertical bearing on both ends, and add the limited devices to prevent rubber joint pulling off in the working pressure.

5. Double sphere rubber joints should be installed away from the heat source, Ozone zone and Strong radiation exposure. It is also forbidden If the media is also not according the requests.

6. Double sphere rubber joint is strictly forbidden to be cut on the surface and seal part during loading and unloading.

Connection: generally there are union connection, flange connection, clamped connection and so on.

In addition to the appearance, the shape of the two kinds of rubber joints are different. In fact, its characteristics are also different. From the  characteristics, we can see the difference between single sphere and double sphere rubber joint. Most of the applications are single sphere rubber joint, double sphere rubber joint are used in special situation.

If have these problems

1. When the installation length is too long. A double ball rubber joint is required.

2. When changing products, the two ends of the pipe is not on the same horizontal line, and there is a deflection angle, you can choose to use double sphere rubber joint.

3. When compression and elongation are too large, you can choose to use a double sphere rubber joint.

In general, the double sphere rubber joint has a longer installing length, better compensation and greater deflection angle than a single ball. Suitable for some special condition.


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