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The Rotary Compensator

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The rotary compensator can also be divided into general rotary compensator and thrust-free rotary compensator.

The thrust-free rotary compensator is a new type of compensator. It is widely used in thermal expansion compensation due to its unique sealing advantages.

Differences structure

1. Thrust-free rotary compensator: consists of variable diameter tube, inner casing, seal seat jacket, flexible graphite packing, nut, Bolt, N pressure spring and N filling nozzle, packing cover and spring compression flange.

2. General rotary compensator: consists of variable diameter tube, inner casing, seal seat jacket, flexible graphite packing, nut bolt combination, packing gland.

Different principle of work

1. The products of thrust-free rotary compensator and ordinary rotary compensator are sealed by the flexible filler in the packing chamber; however, the ordinary rotary compensator must stop the heating network pipeline, unload the packing compact flange, add a certain amount of filler, then press the flange, and resume use.

2. Due to the addition of a group of springs and filling nozzles above the packing compression flange, the thrust-free rotary compensator compensates by the tension of the compression spring when the packing appears slight wear, thus prolonging the leakage time of the product. When the wear amount exceeds the spring tension compensation, it is only necessary to tighten the nut above the spring compression flange without air stoppage.

Differentiation material

The sealing packing used in the thrust-free rotary compensator and the rotary compensator is flexible graphite. However, some antioxidants are added to the packing of the thrust-free rotary compensator to delay the oxidation of the filler. Thus, the seal performance of the thrust free rotary compensator is greatly improved than that of the ordinary rotary compensator.

Different process

The thrust-free rotary compensator uses the press to press the sealing material first. Adding some components to the packing chamber to delay oxidation, and then using the hydraulic press to make the second molding under a certain pressure, so that the packing ring can be integrated into one body, so that the sealing performance of the packing can be better.

The common rotary compensator takes the seal ring as the standard part, then uses the wrench to press the flange nut.

Shortcomings are:

1) The density of the standard parts of the sealing ring has reached a certain value, and the plasticity is poor again.

2) The sealing ring can not be tightly matched, the interlayer is easy to appear in the middle, and the seal parts can not form a whole in the packing cavity, thus the sealing performance of the product is reduced.


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