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RubberJoint Quality Affect It's Performance

Date:2016-06-24 / View:480

 Rubber joint quality does have great effect on the performance of rubber expansion joint, high-quality rubber joint material is sure to make pipes more long-term stable operation, inferior rubber joint will cause some of the high-pressure pipeline potential hazards occur, resulting in the pipeline project of incalculable loss. So customers must be strict on rubber joint choosing to reduce the project late maintenance. XINLI Pipeline as A professional rubber joint manufacturers, combined with many years of production experience, we'll try to help you distinguish the quality of rubber joint quality.

Firstly for the color of the ball, rubber joint quality of the color sphere is glossy black, and the surface of the sphere rarely appear dirty phenomenon, rubber itself will have a relatively strong pungent taste. It is very obvious. In addition to the glue will cause rubber connector ball color change, product storage for a long time will also caused inner and outer rubber joints appear yellow.
Secondly, pressing rubber joint surface and the observing the hardness of rubber joints, rubber joint has just come out for a period of time, the surface of the sphere with finger pressing can feel a bit soft, this is due to the elasticity of rubber, but the store situation for a long time under the ball in the air in a storm drain will cause it hard, thus seriously affect the displacement compensation performance of the rubber joint.