Product knowledgeCommon problems and solutions of rubber joints(1)

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Common problems and solutions of rubber joints(1)

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Shrinkage of rubber joint:

1.The vulcanization temperature is too high. 2.Too much rubber. 3.Vulcanization speed is too fast. 4. No overflow tank. 5. Die problem lack of material
Reason: 1. The air between the mould and the rubber cannot be discharged 2. Not enough weight 3. Underpressure. 4.The fluidity of the compound is too poor. 5.The mould temperature is too high, the rubber material coke burns 6. Early scorch of adhesive (dead material) 7. The material is not thick enough and the flow is not sufficient.
Solution: 1. Add exhaust groove 2. Multiple exhaust 3. Raise the pressure 4. Change the formula to increase the fluidity of the compound. 5. Modified formula, extended burning time 6. Increasing material thickness
 Rubber joint spray frost, whitening
Reason: 1. Vulcanization is insufficient. 2. Excess of complexing agent over solubility of rubber.
Solution: 1. Extension of sulfur or secondary vulcanization2. Adjust the formula to reduce the dosage of low solubility compounding agent
Rubber joint bubble, orifice
Reason: 1.Vulcanization is insufficient 2.Underpressure 3. Impurity or oil in mold or compound. 4.Vulcanization mold temperature is too high 5. Less vulcanizing agent, too slow vulcanization rate
Solution: 1. Compression 2. Lengthening sulfur 3. Adjust the formula to speed up the vulcanization speed 4. Multiple exhaust. 5. Mold temperature should not be too high. 6.Increase the amount of curing agent.