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Common problems and solutions of rubber joints(4)

Date:2018-08-03 / View:474

Rubber joints are heavy leather.

Reason: 1. The vulcanization speed is too fast, the rubber flow is not sufficient  2. Mold dirty or adhesive stains 3. Too many isolators or release agents. 4.The thickness of the compound is not enough.

Solution: 1. Reduce mold temperature, slow down vulcanization speed 2. Keep rubber mold clean 3. Less use of isolator or release agent 4. Thickening the rubber

Rubber joint product demoulding rupture

Reason: 1. Too high mold temperature or too long sulfur 2. Excessive amount of curing agent 3. Demoulding method is wrong

Solution: 1. Reduce mold temperature 2. Shortening sulfur 3. Reduce the amount of curing agent 4. Spray release agent 5. Adopt correct demoulding method.

Rubber joint difficult to process

Reason: 1. The tearing strength of the product is too good (such as high tensile adhesive). This difficult processing performance is that the edge can not be torn off. 2. The strength of the product is too poor, showing that the edge is very brittle, will tear the product together.Solution: 1. If you can't tear it, you have to adjust the formula, fill in the mix and reduce the shrinkage. 2. If it is torn, then a.Reduce mold temperature, shorten sulfur time b.Reduce the amount of curing agent c.Adjust the formula to increase the strength of the compound