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Flanged Duck Bill Check Valve

Date:2016-06-22 / View:463

Our large range of flanged duckbill check valves are made to order and are available from 50mm to 2400mm in all flange patterns. Typical applications include sewer interceptors, mine tailing systems, pipe outfall, flood mitigation, dredging, wet/dry wells, submerged outfall and scrubber systems. Comes with 316 Stainless Steel backing flange to avoid corrosion and enable saline environments.

The majority of these are made to order so please contact us for price and availability.

·         Prevents Backflow

·         No mechanical parts

·         Will not corrode

·         Self Draining which eliminates standing water

·         Low Head loss

·         Low Cracking Pressure

·         Non Slamming silent operation