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Problems Solved by Rubber Joint

Date:2016-06-23 / View:251

 Rubber expansion joint is a new type of pipeline connection compensation parts. With the market demand continuing expand, flexible rubber joint industry began to surrounding provinces and regions radiation type development, thus the flexible rubber joint industry is fully opened.

Flexible rubber joint is made of natural rubber and cord fabric through a multi winding, high temperature molding production, installation on the pipeline can through own elastic deformation were in the pipeline due to thermal stress, valve vibration, water pressure and the pipeline water hammer, etc. several factors that cause the multidirectional displacement achieve good function of displacement compensation, line running stability is greatly improved. Secondly, pipeline installation of the flexible rubber joint can effectively reduce the construction of environmental noise pollution, it is can not be realized by other metal pipeline compensator. Second pipeline in the actual installation, because by the influence factors will cause the line in the docking process appear error of rubber joints appear to remedy this defect very well, and eccentric different diameter rubber joints can also compensate for the pipeline connection is not concentric and not of the same caliber restrictions, greatly reducing the initial installation of pipeline difficulty, it is important to speed up the progress of the project.
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